Fast cycling routes

Fast cycling routes connect residential, work and shopping areas in the different towns and cities. They are fast, direct, comfortable and safe routes.

Establishing priorities

By realizing fast cycling routes, the province of Gelderland wants to encourage commutes to cycle more frequently. When it comes to establishing priorities in the development of fast cycling routes the following aspects are taken into account:

  • The routes connect various functions and provisions, such as places of residence, work and school;
  • They are the most used routes at regional level;
  • The fast cycling routes open up the public transport nodes and railway stations with a super regional function;
  • The way the routes are set up is optimal, the quality is most important;
  • Cyclists can be given as much priority as possible.

Fast cycling routes under construction

At the moment of writing (march 2017), two fast cycling routes are ready and six fast cycling routes are under construction.


  • RijnWaalpad (Arnhem - Nijmegen)
  • De Liemers (Zevenaar - Arnhem)

Under construction:

  • Beuningen - Nijmegen
  • Cuijk - Mook - Nijmegen
  • Wageningen - Arnhem
  • Dieren-Arnhem
  • F12 Zevenaar-Arnhem
  • F15 connects Rijnwaalpad and De Liemers

Fast cycling routes under consideration

The province of Gelderland is investigating with parties involved wether the realization of other fast cycling routes may be feasible. The most favourable routes are:

  • Apeldoorn - Deventer
  • Ede- Wageningen
  • Deventer-Zutphen
  • Veenendaal-Ede
  • Nijkerk-Amersfoort