Vision and policy

Province of Gelderland stimulates the use of bicycles.

We want to stimulate cycling when it comes to commuting, inviting motorists to take the bike, constructing fast cycling routes for commuters, stimulating chain mobility by improving the provisions for cyclists at and near the public transport nodes, continuing to stimulate the use of bicycles by mobility management in cooperation with companies.

Increased car mobility 

In the past 10 years the car mobility in the region Arnhem - Nijmegen has increased by over 25%. It is expected that this growth will continue to persist until 2040. Until 2017 a lot is invested in the network of main roads. The accessibility of the region will improve due to improvements of among other things the A50 and the A12. This will lead to an increase in car traffic. In addition, we will see an increase of short rides within the region, between 5 and 20 kilometres. The number of short rides will also increase after 2020.

Solving bottlenecks

This growth in mobility will not only cause a bottleneck when it comes to attractiveness (quality of life, noise, traffic safety and air quality), but also when it comes to accessibility (traffic jams, logistics, parking problems and barriers). The cyclists may contribute to solving the mobility problems within the region of Arnhem and Nijmegen. The province of Gelderland therefore wants to invite people to take the bike instead of the car. They're doing that by promoting the bicycle as an attractive mode of transport.

Bicycle as alternative

61% of the Dutch people live at a maximum of 15 kilometres from their work. By focusing cleverly on cycling, Gelderland may offer motorists an alternative for the car at distances up to 20 kilometres. With the rise of the electronic bike the cycling speed, and therefore also the cycling distance, has increased. Therefore, cycling may contribute to the accessibility and attractiveness of the region. In addition, the bicycle is pre-eminently a sustainable means of transport:

  • it has no CO2 emissions
  • it takes up little space, both while riding but also when parked
  • it is healthy for the user.


By focusing on three main cornerstones the province of Gelderland wants to enhance the use of bicycles in the region even further. These three cornerstones are:

  • more fast cycling routes: by constructing comfortable, attractive and fast routes motorists are invited to take up cycling.
  • chain mobility: it has to be easy to change from one mode of transport to another. For instance, from the bicycle to the train.
  • mobility management: by influencing the travel behaviour of commuters traffic, problems may be avoided.

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