Best Practices

Cycling infrastructure

With the realization of the fast cycling routes, the cycle infrastructure has improved at several places throughout the region. Examples of these improvements, including before and after pictures, can be found here.


In Gelderland, the realization of the fast cycling routes goes hand in hand with other innovations, such as an artwork on a viaduct, a cycling app and bicycle bridges.

Bicycle parking facilities

The newest bicycle parking facility in the region opened its doors in October 2014. At the central station in Nijmegen, the new Talia complex has been realized. It consists of the Doornroosje event center and 347 student residences. Beneath the complex, the new bicycle parking facilitates around 4000 bicycles. It's equipped with the multilayer system '2ParkUp'. This system includes fork support, heart-to-heart distance of 40cm in accordance with the FietsParKeur requirement, interlocking of the bicycle thanks to fork bolting and a double fastening system.

Government cooperation

Most of the cycling projects in the region, such as the fast cycling routes, have been realized by a unique cooperation between the national government, the former City Region Arnhem-Nijmegen and local governments. The national government focusses heavily on better utilization of existing infrastructure, and cycling is an important issue on the agenda. The province of Gelderland makes sure that the fast cycling routes transcend the boundaries of the different municipalities, making the cycling routes a regional project.

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