Cyclists' experiences

Commuting to work on your bicycle is nothing unusual in the Netherlands.  25% of total commuter traffic consists of bike commuters. We asked three cyclists what it is like for them to cycle to work every day or a number of times a week.

Kim Lien lives in Arnhem and works in Nijmegen. She enjoys cycling past traffic jams and the rows of people waiting at the station. Kim Lien: ‘It’s a great exercise – gives you a good feeling like coming back from the gym.'

Petra lives some 10 kilometres from work. Petra: ‘There are a few hills to go up and down; pretty demanding I can tell you. But I think exercise is important and I made a promise to myself to cycle to work 2 times a week. It's good fun. The wind in my head.’

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Sven cycles 6 km to work every day. Sven: ‘I love starting my days like this. And if it rains, I still pick up my bike. I have an extra pair of trousers at uni that I can put on. In my car, I am just sitting there and that what's I already do at work all day. I find it hard to plan exercise in my daily routine. Now I don't even have to think about it.'

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